Pre-built solutions for every data challenge

Reduce time to value using our library of pre-built solutions. Achieve in months what takes most teams years to build themselves.

Core Solutions

Our core data sets that help you analyse the work done and margin for every driver, truck and customer.


Deep dive analysis to understand revenue by asset, driver, mile or hour.


Our activity based costs model leaves your finance team in full control while providing deep operational insights to margin.


Track and manage daily Utilization metrics for each and every asset or driver.

Optional Insights

Save months of report and data design by selecting a ready made solution from our library



Get a detailed breakdown of toll expenses by lane, mile, region, and customer.


Deep dive on maintenance costs and set-up preventive maintenance alerts to frontline staff.

Driver Pay

Bring visibility and transparency to driver pay and gain new insights such as revenue generated as a percentage of salary.

On Time Performance

Get fresh insights into service failures and identify failure trends over time.

DSO Status

Easily identify customers not adhering to payment terms, calculate average days to pay per customer, and find overdue payments.

Fuel Analysis

Analyze fuel purchase versus burned by every truck and driver over time.

Home Time Success

Bring visibility to home-time requests.


Get a consolidated view into the overall safety performance of a driver or asset.


Get the insights on the performance of internal and external brokerage stakeholders.
Centralize data

Our solutions are the result of collaborations with leading fleets to address prevalent issues in the trucking industry. We are dedicated to continuously expanding and updating our insights library to meet the ever-evolving needs of modern fleet management.

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