Driver Bonus Program


Most fleets manage their driver bonuses using a series of spreadsheets and reports from different systems such as TMS, ELD, Telematics, and Safety and Compliance to generate individual bonus amounts. To remain fair and maintainable, these programs can grow in complexity to build in minimum mileage qualifiers and separate targets depending on tractor models and type of work. 

Due to the complexity and manual nature of calculations there is often a scramble at the end of each month to calculate individual bonuses. Fleet managers and drivers often have questions because they don’t understand how calculations are made. As calculations are based on historic events, it’s difficult to change behavior in advance.


Our Driver Bonus program automates and streamlines the driver bonus calculation process. We gather data from various sources to calculate bonuses across common categories like safety, utilization, fuel, and service. You have the flexibility to customize and establish monthly or quarterly driver targets. 

With personalized logic and scoring rules for your fleet, we conduct daily calculations, allowing fleet managers to proactively manage driver performance. Each driver receives an individual score that seamlessly translates into monetary values. This efficient process enables the finance team to swiftly determine bonus amounts.


The Driver Bonus program ensures transparency, data consistency, and fairness in your bonus program. Fleet managers have real-time access to information and a clear view of drivers’ individual scorecards. This transparency enables confident and open conversations between management and drivers, as they possess complete visibility into their scores. This depth of insight empowers fleet managers to proactively assist drivers in reaching their targets, identify individuals who may not qualify for bonuses, and understand the reasons behind it.

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