Bringing visibility & transparency
to driver compensation.


There is often a lack of clarity and transparency surrounding driver pay, leading to confusion and frustration among drivers who struggle to understand how their earnings are calculated.


FleetOps brings visibility and transparency to driver compensation. We combine data from the TMS and ELD to show gross pay in relation to actual miles and hours worked. By analyzing company pay and contracted pay datasets, we offer fresh insights that enhance the understanding of how drivers are paid.

Key Insights

Pay as a % of revenue
Actual pay per mile


Our driver pay insight calculates compensation as a percentage of revenue generated.

On an individual level, it provides insights into each driver’s earnings and illustrates how various deductions such as taxes impact their take-home pay. This facilitates driver manager coaching for strategies to maximize their earnings and significantly contributes to driver retention. Understanding driver pay becomes crucial in effectively managing and evaluating driver performance. This also identifies problematic home-base locations where substantial costs accrue in terms of time and deadhead.

At an aggregate level, our driver pay solution provides insights into key metrics such as revenue, as a percentage of the load/order, based on driver types and driver efficiency. This aggregated view allows for a deeper understanding of the overall financial impact of driver compensation on the company’s operations and performance metrics.

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