On-Time Performance


On-time performance is a key metric for trucking operations that directly impacts operational efficiency. Although customers establish designated delivery periods, numerous disruptions commonly arise owing to planner, driver, or customer-related issues. The TMS records data regarding punctuality and reasons for service failures. However, a challenge emerges from the considerable volume of data and the insufficient reporting capabilities within TMS systems.


FleetOps collects on-time performance data from the TMS, providing users with an easily accessible format for exploration, unveiling fresh insights from this data.

Key Insights

Report by customer, lane, location, driver, truck
Calculate percentages such as total loads for a customer versus failures
Identify trends over time
Identify whether the issue lies with the shipper or the carrier based on the reason code


FleetOps on-time performance solution provides new insights on service failures. Easily identify driver, dispatcher, and customer failure trends over time and use this information to take corrective action. 

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