A Key Metric for trucking

Revenue, along with utilization and costs, serves as one of the key metrics for trucking operations and is at the core of the FleetOps platform. We compile data from your orders, activities (legs, movements, and dispatches), invoices and/or billing to generate an enhanced dataset capable of addressing complex revenue questions. This ensures a single source of truth and consistency between finance and operations teams.

Key Features


Categorize revenue by accessorials, pass-through charges and fuel surcharges

Prorate revenue

Pro-rate revenue for individual activities and resources

Synchronize invoicing

Synchronize invoice and order revenue to align teams

Remove pass throughs

Remove pass-throughs and other incidentals to isolate real revenue for every order

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Our activity based costs model leaves your finance team in full control while providing deep operational insights to margin.


Track and manage daily Utilization metrics for each and every asset or driver.

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