Powerful Business Intelligence for Trucking Fleets

FleetOps provides clarity for complex operations so executives, driver managers and CSR’s can make data driven decisions.


You Deserve More Value From Your Data

  • A single platform for all of your data from TMS to tracking
  • Live analytics customized to replace your existing excel sheets
  • Custom dashboards for individuals to understand real time performance

Are You Relying On Excel and Instinct to Run Your Fleet?

As shippers increasingly use BI and scorecards to identify high performing fleets, carriers need to move beyond excel sheets or risk

  • Remaining dependent on the knowledge of a few key individuals        
  • Wasting valuable employee time generating reports
  • Looking at past performances instead of driving toward future targets

High Performing Fleets Have Data-Driven


Streamline performance management

KPI’s can measure performance but its individuals that drive it. As head of operations, your experience allows you to instinctively make the right decisions time and again. Unfortunately, not all of your staff have that experience and you can’t be everywhere at once.

FleetOps allows you to spend time using that experience to provide direction to staff rather than wasting time generating reports for them.

Our driver manager workspaces provide heads-up indicators to show how your staff is performing as individuals and as a team. The integrated task management system allows you to have fast weekly reviews where you can quickly drill into details and provide individuals with constructive feedback for the week ahead.


Strategic decision making with confidence

As CEO you need to focus on the big picture but have the ability to drill into the details in a flash. The FleetOps platform provides you with performance summaries for each of your terminals and departments with the ability to quickly drill down to the specific customers, driver manager, or even loads.

Setting weekly or quarterly targets for each department or terminal allows you and your team to quickly identify downward trends before they hit your quarterly numbers.


Maximize revenues & customer retention

As a Sales rep, you need to be proactive when managing your key accounts. Do you know which customer lanes are underperforming? Are they providing the awarded number of loads on each lane? Is there excessive dwell at any of their locations?

FleetOps centralizes every single KPI at a customer level so you can understand not just how the fleet is performing for your customer but also how they are performing for you.


Serving The Transportation Industry for More Than 20 Years

At FleetOps we know that you want your company to be a high performing, data-driven fleet. In order to do that you need to stop depending on outdated reporting practices and the instinct of a few key individuals. The problem is you’ve been working this way since forever. It’s so deep-rooted and complex now that you feel powerless to change it. We believe that fleets that modernize and move to a data-driven culture will be the leaders as the supply chain continues to digitize.

Which is why we created FleetOps. We’ve been building software for the top trucking fleets for over 20 years. Prior to founding FleetOps, we were part of the core team that grew Blue Tree Systems into one of the most advanced global telematics providers on the market. Its this combination of technical expertise and trucking knowledge that has gained the trust of some of the best-run fleets in North America.

Go From Gut Feel to Data-Driven in 24 Hours

Move Beyond Simple Dashboards

Our features and data workflows are designed to engage everyone in your organization and make data a part of their everyday routine.