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Becoming a data-driven fleet is hard. That’s why we created FleetOps.

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We’ve Been There…

Becoming a high performing, data-driven fleet is not something that happens overnight. It’s hard to move from processes that have been baked in for years. Ineffective meetings where key staff use their time and energy manipulating excel sheets that only show you yesterday’s numbers. There’s also the constant struggle of knowing how and what to coach employees on so that can actually make a difference.

Wouldn’t it be great if becoming a data-driven fleet were easier? If someone provided a set of steps and a framework to guide you? That’s why we created FleetOps. 

There’s a better way…

You need a powerful Business Intelligence tool that is more than just dashboards. You need a tool that is aligned with how you do business today and can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and processes to bring your data to life.

At FleetOps we believe that your staff are your best asset. Our platform is specifically built to engage all of your staff from the CEO to the Driver Manager. We spend our time helping trucking organizations transition from a culture of gut feel and manual reporting to a culture focused on individual performance and continuous improvement.

We call this ‘Crossing the Chasm’, and as an organization, we’re obsessed with it. We’ve been building enterprise software for trucking fleets for nearly two decades. It’s this combination of technical expertise and trucking knowledge that has gained the trust of some of the best-run fleets in North America.

Reduce The Time It Takes For Reporting by 75%

“We’ve reduced the time we spend generating
reports by over 75%. Made my day guys, thanks!”
Matt Hester, Operations Manager, National Carriers

Becoming Data-Driven is Simpler Than You Think

Here’s the plan