Asset based fleets often establish sister brokerage companies to manage variability in volume. However, visibility into the performance of the wide range of people involved in their brokerage division, including CSRs for customers and carriers, and remote offices and carriers, often remains limited. 


FleetOps Brokerage Insight provides a single platform that brings visibility to the performance of internal and external brokerage stakeholders. The carrier detail screen brings together critical carrier information, trends, and performance metrics for all carriers into a single, user-friendly space. It allows users to view brokered loads alongside other loads, offering a comprehensive view per customer. 

Key Insights

Load margin revenue
Loads where carriers made a loss
Loads below expected threshold
P&L by load, lane, customer, agent, CSR


Our Brokerage insight plays a crucial role in managing relationships with internal and external brokerage stakeholders. Carrier scorecards evaluate carrier performance by looking at how they manage detention and fuel surcharges, handle canceled orders, their frequency of cancellations, and how they deal with OS and D shipments and exposures. This detailed analysis allows fleets to effectively monitor and manage their relationships with carriers.

It evaluates the performance of CSRs, ensuring they effectively manage interactions and operations with carriers. It also allows for anonymous comparison of performance, both at an individual and company level, against peers. This helps in understanding performance against peers.

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