Fleet Manager Performance Solution


Managing a fleet of drivers, tracking their daily activities, and analyzing performance over time can be overwhelming. Combining great fleet management skills with data analysis proficiency is challenging

Fleet Manager Performance App


The Fleet Manager Performance Solution performs hundreds of real-time calculations on all drivers, offering not just a glimpse into historical performance but also providing forecasts and early identification of at-risk drivers.

Our solution brings together critical driver information, trends, performance metrics, and targets for all the drivers they manage into a single, user-friendly space.  


The Fleet Manager Performance Solution plays a crucial role identifying drivers who are not meeting their targets, enabling immediate action to help them improve.

This solution is pivotal in driver coaching, pinpointing underperforming drivers. Fleet managers can then concentrate efforts on providing additional support for surpassing targets, fostering continuous improvement. Additionally, this approach aids in retaining drivers by addressing issues before they escalate.

From a management perspective, targets can be set in the boardroom and pushed down to front line staff. Reason codes provide insight into missed targets, allowing adjustments to expectations in the boardroom or dealing with underperformance. 

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