Keeping trucks in good working condition is crucial for safety and efficiency. As a result, maintenance is one of the top expenses for trucking fleets. Despite its significance, many fleet operators wrestle with a lack of transparency regarding monthly maintenance costs, whether measured on a per mile, per truck, per part, or type of truck basis.


FleetOps calculates the time and cost associated with all work orders and combines this with pay, staff costs, and actual miles to deliver cost-per-mile reporting at all levels.

Typical Insights

Total cost and cost per mile
Truck and truck type


The FleetOps maintenance insight offers a unique perspective by visualizing maintenance data in relation to a truck’s age. This allows for precision planning regarding fleet refreshes aligned with the age and types of trucks in your fleet, optimizing fleet management.

Our maintenance insight plays a pivotal role in managing preventative maintenance by providing timely notifications to dispatchers about upcoming or overdue maintenance for trucks. This feature ensures that your fleet remains proactive in preventative measures, enhancing overall operational reliability.

This insight ensures precise cost tracking for individual assets or components over time. It offers transparent breakdown insights categorized by truck, part, type of truck, and maintenance technician. This detailed breakdown identification enables you to pinpoint specific trucks or parts causing issues, allowing for targeted resolutions.

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Fuel Analysis

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DSO Status

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