Fuel Analysis


Finding the root cause of fuel inefficiency is a complex challenge due to the multiple factors at play, such as driver behavior, in and out of network pricing, and fuel theft, as well as vehicle and regional differences.


FleetOps brings visibility and transparency to fuel purchase, by generating a single score for each of your assets by combining fuel purchase, fuel burnt, idling, and type of work done. This helps identify potential outliers.

Key Insights

Average fuel cost per mile
Purchased gallons per miles driven


The Fuel Purchase insight gives you a platform to ask questions around cost per mile, MPG and idle time. It equips fleets with a cost-per-mile breakdown for every truck and division, enabling the comparison of purchases against mileage trends. This capability aids in identifying outliers and patterns in fuel purchases giving you the tools and visibility to ask questions and investigate potential issues or inconsistencies such as: 

  • Fuel inefficiencies
  • Fuel purchase anomalies (pricing)
  • Idle and MPG outliers
  • Possible theft occurrences

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