Features designed to drive operational excellence

FleetOps is the only data intelligence platform built for trucking. Get access to all of the features you need to centralize, engage and drive performance.

Centralize & Manage

Data Dictionary

The FleetOps data dictionary drives trust and transparency by allowing users quickly understand where metrics and calculations come from including data source, filters, date parameters, or equations applied.

Data Manager

The central hub for analysts to manage integrations and datasets as well as providing the tools to  create and manage new metrics.

Role Based User Access

Provide users with granular access rights including viewer, editor, or admin privileges.


For companies managing multiple fleets we provide multi tenancy support so users can quickly switch between accounts using the same credentials. 


Protect your data with encryption at rest and in transit as well as Single Sign-On (SSO) as standard  for enhanced user authentication. Data is never shared or benchmarked.

Data Engagement

Move beyond the board room by pushing data out to your frontlines and creating a data driven culture. 


Workspaces consolidate all relevant reports and dashboards into a single space for team collaboration such as team reviews or to facilitate meetings.

Personalized Dashboards

Streamline personalized dashboards for frontline staff using templates, offering individual users easy access to role-specific data and preventing information overload.

Resource Detail Screens

Frontline users think about drivers and customers – not charts and graphs. That’s why FleetOps developed entity detail screens that pull together all relevant analytics for an individual truck, driver or customer. 


Quickly leave notes and start conversations in app and within the context of the data rather than taking screen shots and emailing staff. 


Display important metrics on your office Smart TVs. Loop together multiple KPIs, dashboards, images, videos, or weather maps to drive awareness across the organization.

Performance Management

Go beyond simple dashboards and reports to provide a suite of tools to help manage team performance using accurate and up to date data.


Define targets for individuals or groups across any metric, allowing them to proactively address any performance gaps and stay ahead of the curve.

Scoring Engine

Evaluate individual performance against set targets using a powerful scoring engine that simplifies complex metrics into easily understandable scores.

Reason Codes

Understand the ‘why’ behind performance results. Once targets are set for front-line staff, you can optionally require reason code’s for any failures allowing you to close the loop between expectations and reality.

Meeting Spaces

Efficiently manage meetings with customized workspaces and consolidated reports, targets, notes, and tasks. Enhance productivity instantly by creating one source of truth.

Discover how FleetOps drives operational excellence and transforms your fleet's performance.