Let’s Put Your Data to Work

FleetOps provides a framework to help you become a data driven Fleet

Go From Gut Feel to Data-Driven in 24 Hours

Boost data awareness


Turn any office TV into a digital billboard and increase data awareness with our customized Wallboards. We’ve made it simple for your IT team to manage multiple TV screens in one central location and share everything from FleetOps KPI’s to staff birthdays, weather maps, or even screens from other applications.

Save time through automation

Effective Meetings

Report Automation

Stop wasting hours of your most valuable employees time generating reports and scrubbing numbers before each meeting. FleetOps automates your existing excel reports no matter how complex they are. Leaving them time to do what they do best – drive results!

Meeting Spaces

Custom meeting workspaces centralize all of the reports, notes and tasks needed for recurring meetings. From weekly operations to quarterly driver bonus projects, having everything in one place has an instant impact on productivity.

Manage by Exception

Meetings are expensive. If you’re going to have your most senior staff away from their desks, you need to make sure the time is value added. At FleetOps we make it simple to identify exceptions so you can be laser focused on areas that need attention instantly.

Built In Task Management

An effective meeting results in actionable output. When you find any metric going out of control you need to hold staff accountable for getting performance back on track. Our integrated task management system makes it simple to create and assign actions so you can create clear instruction and track progress.

Proactive, not reactive

Individual & Team Targets

Knowing deadhead, driver retention & revenue per truck per day in the boardroom is a great start. Having every driver manager or CSR understanding the same KPI’s but sliced to display only what they’re responsible for is much more powerful.

At FleetOps we’ve seen first hand what happens when you set fair and attainable performance targets for individuals. Allow staff to focus their energy on what they can do to achieve targets and make proactive decisions to support customers & drivers.

Beyond Dashboards

Drill Down

It’s easy to spend $100k on a data science team and licenses for BI platforms like Tableau or PowerBI. But even after that investment, many users won’t trust the pretty graphs & numbers. At FleetOps we understand that if your staff don’t trust the data they will revert back to gut feel based decision making. At FleetOps we built our platform from the ground up for trucking so we made it simple for users to drill past the graphs and see specific loads, drivers or tractors like they’re used to in the TMS.


Deliver the most important KPI’s to all of your staff in a form they recognize. Put performance front and center in your daily operations and allow staff to make adjustments when they matter most – right now. Let each driver manager understand their performance against their individual targets. Track everything from avg. Miles / dispatch hour, on time %, unaccounted days, driver turnover, miles per or week. At more senior levels rank and score terminals against revenue, load counts, idle % or deadhead.

Industry Metrics

A Business Intelligence project typically starts with identifying the KPIs to be measured and how to calculate them. Luckily, carrier fleets have known what’s important for decades! Out of the box we cover every industry-standard metric you can imagine and customize them for your fleet. Serving only carrier fleets allows us to do in days what takes a consultant or internal team months or years.


Reducing your reliance on paper and face to face communication has never been more important. FleetOps puts collaboration front and center. Instead of bouncing emails around you can start a discussion on any screen in FleetOps and ensure all parties have the context they need. Integration with Microsoft Teams makes screen sharing, chat, and video calls a cinch.