Understand the utilization of every resource you manage.

Most fleets can report on their average utilization for tractors, trailers, or drivers per division each week. While this is a helpful indicator of performance over time, the data lacks the granularity needed for actionable insights.
The next logical questions may include:

  • Which of my assets are underutilized?
  • Are specific lanes or customers driving poor utilization?
  • Are there any repeat offenders among trucks, drivers, or planners?

The resource utilization solution creates a daily record for every asset, every day, allowing you to drill down from weekly roll-up numbers to the individual assets, gaining actionable insights with just a few clicks.

Key Features For Individual Drivers

Gain Insights

Gain insights into the mileage, ELD hours, MPG, Idle and revenue generated by each driver, incorporating custom criteria like trainer/trainee tags.

Roll Up Data

Roll up this data over time by dimension such as division or driver manager.

Monitor Performance

Monitor performance against targets to quickly identify any outliers.

Key Features For Trucks and Trailers

Gain Insights

Gain insight into revenue generated and MPG performance for each truck

Single Source

Establish a single source of truth for daily seated / working tractor count.

Metrics & Finance

Account for purchased and sold dates to align metrics with finance teams.

Precise Utilization Numbers

Factor in out-of-service/maintenance days for precise utilization numbers.

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Deep dive analysis to understand revenue by asset, driver, mile or hour.


Our activity based costs model leaves your finance team in full control while providing deep operational insights to margin.

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