Why FleetOps?

FleetOps is the only data platform built exclusively for Trucking. Combining decades of trucking and technology experience the team is dedicated to solving the industry’s most complex reporting problems.

Secure, cloud-based platform utilizing the latest in serverless architecture, ensuring data integrity, safety & privacy as standard. 

Our in depth knowledge of TMS and trucking technology platforms combined with our streamlined services allows you to get set up in weeks, not years. No long-term contracts reduces any risk for our customers.

FleetOps is a platform – not a consultancy. As we learn and mature we constantly provide updates to all of our customers through automatic weekly updates.

We work with fleets of all sizes. From large fleets with dedicated reporting teams and existing data warehouse’s to fleets with limited or outsourced IT teams that have no time to build out the required data infrastructure to support business users. 

FleetOps is built from the ground up to support trucking companies. We don’t rely on generic reporting software like PowerBI or Tableau – instead, we designed our systems based on the feedback of fleet managers and fleet executives ensuring we provide a customized experience for each.

FleetOps automatically pulls data from most platforms in the industry with self serve integrations and ready built dashboards and reports. Compatible with top TMS, ELD, Telematics, Maintenance, Fuel Compliance, and Tolling systems.

Beyond simple reports, FleetOps provides an entire framework of goals, targets and task management so you can connect accountability & actions with results to achieve optimal performance.

Creates a single source of truth for unified reporting, offers a reliable view for critical decision-making, eliminates confusion from varying departmental reports, and centers the team on actionable insights over data origin.

Enables target setting with a built-in engine, empowers leaders to specify KPIs for all, allows frontline real-time KPI monitoring, and quick deviation corrections.

Sets personalized goals for individuals, clarifies success criteria and expectations, promotes fairness and transparency in goal setting, and motivates ownership and accountability in performance.

Offers human-centric onboarding support with a dedicated team for setup guidance, ensures regular check-ins for system success, and provides ongoing technical assistance, platform guidance, and query resolution.

Discover how FleetOps drives operational excellence and transforms your fleet's performance.