How Wayne Transports increased asset utilization by 5% using real-time data

Wayne Transports Inc., headquartered in Rosemount, Minnesota, is a diversified bulk transportation trucking company with nearly 600 power units. Founded in 1950, the family-owned company provides dry bulk, petroleum, propane, chemical, agricultural product, and asphalt transport services throughout the Midwest.
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“With the timely and actionable data we have from FleetOps we’ve seen a 5% increase in asset utilization and a concurrent rise in revenue.With FleetOps data we can relocate equipment immediately to continuously keep our trucks and drivers moving. Now we see trends as they happen and use their analytics to help us achieve our goals for improvement and growth.”

Jason Boushey, VP of Operations, Wayne Transports


To overcome the negative impact of using historical data and enable improvements in asset utilization and revenue growth.

With financial and operational information that was a month or two old,Wayne Transports rarely utilized their data to boost asset utilization or increase freight revenue. The fleet has multiple facilities serving numerous markets so this slow-moving data meant they were often too late to respond to changes in volumes or market conditions.

To more effectively understand and manage the performance of their fleet, the bulk transporter searched for a solution that would utilize advanced data analytics and give them more timely and actionable reporting.

It was hoped that the ability for staff to consistently make better decisions would lead to better utilization of assets and drivers and ultimately, generate additional revenues for the company

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Wayne Transports is now using the FleetOps platform to provide its executive, operations, and management teams with rich and actionable information in real time. The platform pulls information from their existing systems to provide a single place to visualize data and drive company performance.

The turnkey FleetOps solution was implemented at Wayne Transports in just two weeks. Today, each staff member in Wayne Transports has their own personalized dashboard with up-to-date KPIs and targets, enabling greater visibility into driver utilization, revenue, safety, and compliance. This information is used proactively to drive up the efficiency and productivity of the entire fleet.

At Wayne Transports, staff at each facility can quickly drill down into information about specific customers, markets, lanes, and loads. With consistent and comparable data across their terminals, staff now spend their time acting on data instead of second-guessing the numbers.

Simultaneously, FleetOps is providing senior management at Wayne Transports with greater visibility into the entire operation and overall business performance. This high-level view, coupled with the ability to drill down into individual metrics, leads directly to new opportunities for continuous improvement.


More timely and accurate data generating measurable increases in asset utilization and revenue.

With FleetOps providing timely and actionable data on its widespread and diversified bulk transportation operation, Wayne Transports has seen a 5% improvement in asset utilization from the previous year. The ability to move vehicles between operations and locations more successfully based on an ever-changing volume and makeup of orders has also led to a measurable increase in revenue-generating miles.

Wayne Transports has also experienced a drop in driver turnover, which it attributes in part to being able to assign additional miles to drivers because it has more loads to haul. The improvement in productivity driven by higher asset utilization enhances driver satisfaction because they earn more money within their available Hours of Service.

FleetOps has also had the effect of keeping information in the TMS (Transportation Management System) at Wayne Transports more current for the carrier’s dispatch and operations personnel. Having real-time information on public ‘TV Wallboards’ throughout their offices means everyone in the organization is data aware, so data entry is accurate and completed in a timely manner.

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“While we understood the importance of the data in our systems before learning about FleetOps, we did not have access to it in a way that would facilitate making informed decisions. At the same time, the consultants and data scientists we’ve worked with before did not inherently understand our industry, our business, or our operation the way FleetOps does. Working with FleetOps has been a very positive experience because they listen to our needs and they have deep industry knowledge they can apply to help us achieve our goals.”

Jason Boushey, VP of Operations, Wayne Transports

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