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FleetOps Brings Chip Powell to the Already Stellar Trucking Tech Team to Help Fleets Quickly and Easily Drive Performance with their Data

fleet of trucks using fleetops


Chicago, IL (Sept 18, 2020) FleetOps today announced the addition of Chip Powell to their executive team. Chip, a 35+ year veteran in the Trucking Industry, will join as General Manager of North America and drive the FleetOps mission. That is, to quickly and easily help trucking companies get more value from their data using their proprietary cloud product. This results in lightning-fast decision making and saving thousands of man-hours in generating reports the old way. 

Chip’s early background saw him managing the Con-Way Truckload division and grow it from 38 to over 600 trucks in just 5 years before moving into a technology role. Most recently, Chip served as Vice President of Fleet Solutions at ORBCOMM. His real-world understanding of operations both inside a trucking organization and a technology organization helps bring unique insights to the FleetOps team. 

“We’re delivering data to fleets fast and in a way that it’s easily understood. When we do that, our customers make decisions faster which results in more wins and fewer headaches. The way our data is delivered, the right people see the right data at the right time.” 

FleetOps believes trucking companies deserve to see and utilize the data they’ve already paid for. CEO, Liam Lynch said this, “There are options when it comes to mining value from your data. You no longer need to be a Werner or J.B. Hunt spending six figures and twelve to eighteen months building your business intelligence systems. Cloud technologies have created a step change in the speed and price we can deliver these solutions show you your data in a matter of days for a fraction of what it would cost the old way.” 

Chip and FleetOps are giving demos of the product. Requesting a demo is easy. Just visit, scroll to the top of the page and click Get Demo or join one of their online webinars.